Buddens Scout Centre - New Website Under Construction

Thank you for visiting Buddens.org.uk, at the moment our web presence is currently undergoing a much needed refurb. Whilst the current content is out of date, it stills gives a good idea of what is available here at Buddens Scout Centre.

This website will be updated over the coming months so please keep heading back to check up on progress.
For all enquiries please contact us by phone on:01929 472226 or email on: reception@buddens.org.uk

Located in the heart of the beautiful district of Purbeck, Buddens is the Dorset Scout Council County Campsite. The site was purchased in 1994 and has been developed as a first class camping and activity centre, with a variety of campsites of different character and a range of on-site activities. Development is on-going and new activities are being added continuously.

An aerial view of Buddens campsite showing the lake, farmhouse and its many camping grounds

With 95 acres of varied countryside, heath, woodland, water meadows and plantations, Buddens has been described as "Dorset's hidden jewel"

Owned and operated by Dorset Scouts it is also available for use by schools and other youth organisations.

This website tells you what is currently on site in the way of campsites, accommodation and activities. It also describes what activities and attractions are available off-site and in the locality. It enables you to seek further information and make contacts; how to make a pre-visit inspection and how to book a stay in Dorset, the birthplace of Scouting.

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